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We care about our customers

We realise our customers and staff are the corner stone to the continuing success of Daniels and we consider the two equally important.

All employees at Daniel’s work hard, with purpose and enthusiasm to give every customer who walks through the doors the best possible experience while providing great tasting food.

It goes without saying how important the customers are. However we do not take this for granted.

Daniel personally spends time researching the best ingredients and sourcing the highest quality food. He is committed to finding out exactly what customers want and expect when they visit one of the Daniels branches.  It is this vision of consistency, quality, attention to detail and excellent customer service which has driven Daniel over the last 14 years and continues to do so.

Daniels aims to provide its customers with food of a high standard, excellent service and value for money. In our journey, we have found staying true to these goals is the way to enable to company to continue to grow, deliver consistently on its promises and meet the expectations of our customers.

If you have any comments about the experiences you have had whilst visiting Daniels, please click here to contact us.

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